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But I Don’t Want to Bother People

“But I don’t want to bother people.”

That is the common response I hear when I ask clients why they are not attempting to remain more visible in their marketplace.

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Every time I send out a notice reminding people I am still alive, I get a few emails requesting to be taken off my mailing list. “How dare I contact people offering my services!” “How dare I try to help people!”

The truth is: the faster you ask to be taken off my list, the better I like you. Why in the world would I want to talk to you if you do not want to talk to me? I am not in business to hurt you … cheat you …manipulate you … or lie to you. My ONLY interest is to learn whether I am in position to help you or not. Period!

Playing to the “few” makes little sense. Let them opt off your list if that is what makes their day. Allow them to fight a good battle … alone. That is not your problem. Your challenge is to go find more people you can help. And that, I am afraid, is a ball that will remain in your court. It is you who has to grab the bull by the horns and “do something.” What your audience chooses to do next is up to them.

Bottom Line: Keep on contacting. A few disgruntled people will be the price you pay.

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