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Friendly Alliances

Savvy entrepreneurs know that there is always help available to them … if they look for it … and if they are receptive to it.

An interesting article by Allison Fass in the New York Times commented on “alliances.” Two competing TV stations were joining forces on a project which displayed the signs of the times.

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“In this day and age, where competition is so great, networks can’t isolate themselves. They’re going to have to reach for ‘out-of-the-box’ opportunities.”

Business is becoming more difficult, and competition is becoming more than intense. Entrepreneurs are starting to talk to each other more freely, more openly, and without a chip on their shoulder. Business executives are realizing that going in alone may not be the answer.

Then, in Sunday’s Personal Business Section of the NY Times, I spotted this quote:

“To cope with this often dreaded aspect of work, more independent consultants of all types are banding together, forming working alliances on projects and sharing tips about new work.”

There it was again – the notion of “banding together and sharing.” Smart people are beginning to talk to other smart people.

There are plenty of fun, eager, and interested people who share the same concerns that you do. They experience the same challenges and anxieties. Find these people, and talk to them. Meet with them. Brainstorm with them. And, if you are fortunate, you will find one to “project” with.

You are probably making life (and business) harder than it has to be.

Today, get out of your box and into the game. Contact another enthusiastic entrepreneur in your home-town and invite them for a cup of coffee. Be open. Be willing to share information. Be a leader and look for a working alliance.

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