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Get Your Act Together

Which one of these two stories defines your organization?

#1.  Heads, you win…tails, I lose.

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I once called a store and asked about a replacement glass cover for a kitchen light fixture. Since they did not have a computer, I was told that I would have to take a picture of the part and come into the store. I am not inferring that a computer makes or breaks a business today, but I will say computers are no longer a luxury. I am saying that the service burden was quickly transferred back onto my shoulders and, what at first appeared as an easy fix, was becoming more difficult by the second.

#2. On the flip side, however….

I found that I had run out of shipping boxes and had to call my supplier. Before I could finish my “hello” and explain my predicament, the gal on the other end of the phone was checking my past order on her computer screen, calling me by name and confirming my shipping address. Within 47 seconds, I had placed my new order, received a confirmation number and was off the phone and back doing what I do best.

Which story most accurately defines you and your business?

Case study #2 is obviously my vendor of choice.

Do you have your act together? Do you understand and practice the daily mechanics of your business so it appears effortless to your clients? Or at the very least, are your processes coming together? Are you easy to work with? When your clients and prospects hang up after having a conversation with you, are they aggravated? … Or pleasantly surprised? Are you leaving a friendly, efficient, easy to work-with reputation in your wake?

If you do (when you do), the people you touch will be feeling better having met you. And this is what I want you to be focusing on today and the rest of the week.

Get your act together and make it easy to do business with you. Make your customers glad they know you.

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