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Selling the Invisible: Getting Better vs. Getting Different

“America’s great service successes are not the companies that did what others did, but a little better. They are the companies that decided to do things a whole lot differently.”

Selling the InvisibleHarry Beckwith, Page 15

“Me too, only better!” seems to be the knee-jerk response from a number of entrepreneurial start-ups in the travel industry. This is only logical since everybody in our “gig” has access to everything everyone else has. Nobody has the inventory advantage or the “special” gizmo. We are all in the same boat drifting down the same river.

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What makes matters worse is the fact that the consumer (our clients) have access to the same information we have thanks to the Internet.

This implies that our current game board is as flat and as non-biased as ever.

Playing to win using the same strategy as your competitor is playing to lose. Harry B is suggesting that you do something different. Be somebody different. Think different thoughts and implement new and exciting tactics.

This means that you may be inviting a bit of sarcasm from people who are comfortable with the same ol’, same ol’ as a way of passing the days.

For now, let me leave you with this challenge: Step out of your current comfort zone and do something totally contrary to your normal day-to-day activities. Then, send me an email at and tell me how you feel.






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