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The Art of the Sale: Nurture Not Nature

“What makes a good salesperson? It’s your genetics and physical mold plus a lifetime of successes and failures that determine who you become.”

 The Art of the Sale– Philip Delves Broughton, page 231

Chapter 8 : Hybrid Vigor

I am not buying into this quote hook, line and sinker.

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I agree that your individual successes and failures help mold the child. When it comes to molding sales professionals, the first two attributes in my experience do not determine the victors. Granted, they may not hurt, but they are not the sole determinants.

Instead of “genetics and physicality” I might introduce the terms “empathy and curiosity.” Other words for curiosity might include “interest, inquisitiveness, and a genuine knack for problem-solving.”

The notorious back-slapper, bon vivant, extrovert blessed with the gift-of-gab coupled to a myriad of closing techniques has become yesterday’s folk hero and today’s fodder for jokes and cartoons.

I believe you can teach salesmanship to individuals who exhibit an interest in talking less and listening more with the sincere objective of helping people make better buying decisions.








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