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The Professional Service Firm: Explore the Possibilities

“It’s a wild wired, fast-evolving world out there, and what worked yesterday might not today.”

The Professional Service Firm from the Reinventing Work series by Tom Peters, page 160

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I don’t have to tell you how the travel industry has changed over the past few years. Agent benefits have all but disappeared. Commissions have been cut or abandoned all together. The Internet provides much of the priority information once available to only professional travel agents. Suppliers are directly approaching the consumer and travel continues to be a poor choice if becoming a millionaire is one of your objectives.

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Yes, things have changed and will continue to change. And this my friends is exactly as it should be. It is a fast, wired, and evolving world out there. But so are you.

I am a believer in adhering to the basics when it comes to sales. You already know that. That being said, we are dealing with a brand new set of market parameters and not everybody thinks like we do. The world is evolving and “when in Rome, we need to do as the Romans.”

In particular, this means professional salespeople need to become comfortable if not fluent in the social media outlets. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

For now, pick one. Pick one and budget 15-minutes a day to explore the possibilities.

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