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The Little Blue Book of Advertising: Appreciate Your Employees

“Keep your employees in the dark and feed them sh*t.”

The Little Blue Book of Advertising by Steve Lance and Jeff Woll, page 47

These are not my words. This is a direct quote taken from page 47. But I hope it has you reflecting on how you involve your employees when it comes to running your business.

In most cases, employees tell me that they are left in the dark more often than not. One of two things is the root cause for this behavior, according to me. Either the owner has very low esteem and poor self-confidence, or they hire the wrong employee in the first place without proper training or guidance.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "The Little Blue Book of Advertising"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “The Little Blue Book of Advertising”

Collaboration, teamwork and brainstorming are not three words that should be taken lightly today. Staying competitive (and in business) requires a joint effort whether you have a team of one or cast of thousands. Whoever came up with the phrase “two heads are better than one” hit the nail right on the head.

What you can’t afford is for employees to become resentful, underappreciated, and feel that their contributions are of no value. The old management style of “my way or the highway” may have been in vogue at one time, but it has a very poor track record these days.

I will mention, however, that when it becomes apparent that you hired an individual in haste and the fit is just not right, it is in the best interest of all involved to part ways as soon as possible.

If was running the show, I would share everything I know with my employees and seriously consider their opinions daily. Some of their opinions and suggestions will be better than others, and not all input will be put into motion. I would, however, solicit and consider everything.






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