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Keep Things Simple

I am out at sea this week conducting my 4th Annual Travel Industry Training Sales Conference.  I have been preparing for this week for months, even though much of the material I plan to cover is not new. In fact, it borders on the very old.

The reason for this is because your success as you enter 2017 will not come from a bunch of “newness.” In fact, there is a good chance your accomplishments in the New Year will result from a whole lot of “oldness.”

I know you didn’t ask, but I will say it again: “Two plus two is four.” It has always been four and it always will be four. The fact that one day you wake up hoping that two plus two will equal five just isn’t in the cards. Four is the answer. Period.


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The same truth holds when building a business. There are fundamental truths and behaviors that are not about to change in 2017.  They have always worked and they will continue to work.

These truths include prospecting, niche marketing, targeting, communications, sincere interest and thorough knowledge, presentations, follow-up and first-class service.

I plan to touch upon all of these topics on my cruise because these are the topics required to attain and maintain profitability. Although they appear to come in sequence, none is more important then the other. Together, when coordinated like a well-oiled Swiss Watch, nothing short of magic happens.

So let’s agree not to complicate your future. Let’s keep things simple. Let’s do what we have to do so we look back on 2017 and say, “Holy Shit! That was one hell-of-a great year.”

But I hasten to remind you that the time to make 2017 a “happenin’ year” is by starting today; right now.

There are nine disciplines listed above, and in the next nine columns I plan to expand on each one while attempting to simplify each step. There is no need to make this “building a business thing” more difficult than it has to be.

In my next column I will address the topic of prospecting.

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