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If there was a single word that I would recommend as your next tattoo, it would be the word “prospecting” with very little hesitation. It certainly would initiate some very interesting questions.

The sooner you can internalize the importance of seeking new business opportunities, the sooner you will be feeling very good about your future.

For those of you who may remember Dustin Hoffman receiving career advice from the husband of Mrs. Robinson in the movie The Graduate, you know that “plastics” represented the secret. Strangely enough, the secret word today still begins with the letter “P.” Today’s secret word is “prospecting.” Let me explain.

I have been known to boast that I can divide the population of our planet into two distinct categories. 7 billion people into just two groups? Yes I can. (So can you.)


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Those “people” I can help fall into one group while those “people” I can’t help correctly make up the other kind. There is no disputing this divisional exercise. Once you begin looking at your personal marketplace through this lens, your job will become simplified and immediately make more sense to you.

Your job becomes identifying individuals you can help.  How you choose to do this is up to you, but I believe the most efficient way is by utilizing the Marketing 2-Step. All you are trying to do is find out who is interested in your particular area of expertise.

You can use your phone, email, snail mail, or meet with groups of people to ask them if they would like to learn more about your subject. Does this sound too simple? It does because it is.

Personally, I use The Special Report” to accomplish this task. It might sound something like this: “If you would like to learn how to put the eight mental buying triggers to work for you, simply send me an email write the number “8” in the subject box.”

“People” who send me an email requesting this information are clearly indicating that they are interested in learning how to influence future buyers. They are raising their hands and voluntarily positioning themselves as potential prospects.

I then send them the information requested and they have a written document to judge me by. I follow up over time and eventually one of two things happen. A relationship results, or I realize they are really not interested in the topic.

If there is a secret to this prospecting thing it is to do it daily, regularly… consistently. Keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities where you can ask, “Are you interested in learning more about…”

You will sabotage your efforts if you (1) postpone your prospecting campaign, or (2) initiate a hit or miss program with days, weeks, or months of inactivity.

Here is another analogy to help clarify my message: go back to your Easter Egg hunting days. You were excited looking for brightly colored eggs, and you knew they were out there, hiding in inconspicuous places. Regardless of the initial outcome, you kept looking. You knew they were out there. You were motivated and you eventually found the targeted embryos.

Prospecting works exactly the same way. I’m telling you your next client is out there. You just have to keep on looking. You have to keep looking until you find them.

In my next column I will give a few of my thoughts on the power of “niching” your marketing.

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