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The Logical Cruise Progression Leads Straight To The River.

River cruising, be it in Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States or in Vietnam, provides the avid cruiser with yet another experience that will last a lifetime. It is the logical “next” step after the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal and The Med. What’s next? The River.

If there is validity to the marketing strategy of “entering the conversation prospects are already having with themselves,” then river cruising is the ideal conversation starter, enhancer and embellisher.

In order for the travel professional to “enter-the-conversation,” he or she must place themselves in position to do just that…. enter. There is help available to you here for the asking.

How To Sell River Cruising is a series of web pages that just might supply you with the answers to this challengeThis strategy is available to you now and more importantly it works.

Click Here!

Here are the five steps necessary to position you and your agency as the go-to river-cruising source:

  • Promote yourself as a River Cruise specialist. I don’t want you to make an idle boast. I want you to actually become a river cruise specialist. Go to to begin your education at once. This information is complimentary and is all about helping you become more successful.
  • Google your zip code along with the words, organization, club, association, corporations etc. Any type of populated group will do. Use your imagination. Capture the contact information from your Google Search. This will take minutes. 10-15 leads will suffice to get you started. All successful marketing efforts begin by defining your target audience.
  • Read, review and edit your sales letter. A working template of this sort of letter can be found in the river cruise kit. You will be sending this letter to your targeted groups. You will be offering a 20-minute Lunch & Learn Session designed to help members understand how wonderful river cruising is and can be. Send the sales letter to everybody on your target list.
  • Wait five days and then call the person you addressed your letter to. This is called “follow-up” and this step alone will distance you from your competition by light-years… believe me. Ask if they are interested in having you talk to their group on this new and exciting topic. You need not hesitate to make this call since you are offering to do them a service… a favor. You are doing them a favor.
  • Present the program as outlined in the ”Kit.” Remember, you already downloaded this in Step One so you should know exactly what I am talking about.

If not done so already, what are you waiting for? Ask for your copy of the River Cruise Kit and download it right away. The “kit” is free as a community service to all travel professionals, thanks to AMAWaterways. 

Once you download your copy at this strategy will make perfect sense to you.

There are two truths I would like to leave you with:

First: To succeed in this business you will have to do something.

Second: As long as you have to do something you might as well do something that is both popular and of genuine interest to your prospect and customer list.

The solution here is spelled River Cruising.

Do yourself and your community a favor: Download a copy of How To Sell River Cruising In a Box right now. It is easy. Just go to

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  1. kelly says:

    Perfect information! Just starting the journey of training on river cruising…thank you for all of the great info.

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