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Tip #20: Adopt The Rule of 7

This is Tip #20 from my Special Report written for recent high school graduates. It is also relevant to most adults. (Make that all adults.)

Everything you do has something in common with personal discipline, and is influenced in some way by professional selling skills. We are all selling something to someone, which makes us all professional salespeople.

Whether you are selling a car or selling yourself, the rules are the same, and your overall objective is the same. (Let me add here that the objective of a professional salesperson is never to fleece somebody out of his or her hard-earned money in return for some useless object. This may come as a shock to you.)

Going forward, it is important to understand the Rule of 7. This rule reminds us that in order for people to feel comfortable (which later transfers to trust) and it is imperative that we contact the individual more than once. More specifically, this rule suggests “seven touch-points in every 18-month period.”
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In truth, there is nothing magical about the number seven…or 18. This rule implies that we need to remain visible overtime in order for people to establish a level of comfort with us. Only then will they listen to us, focus on what we are saying, and in time, respond to our recommendations.

Put another way, when you are “out-of-sight,” you are “out-of-mind.” It is your job to stay on “top-of-mind” if that is in your best interest. The skill to remaining visible without appearing obnoxious, aggressive, or overbearing will not come by accident. You must practice various tactics for entering people’s worlds and becoming welcomed.

Maintaining visibility can result from a number of different maneuvers. Emails, letters, tradeshows, speeches, phone calls, text messages, blog posts, and content-heavy newsletters are just a few of the options that immediately come to mind. Your choices are numerous, and one does not necessarily outperform the others.

Note: Should you happen upon a strategy that seems to work for you, the secret is to “keep working it.”

” I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.”

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