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Your Five Step Sales & Marketing Review

For the next five days, I’m going to discuss the five areas that make up your sales and marketing strategy. I am certain you will not find my reminders to be new or earthshaking fodder for the evening news.

That being said, successful entrepreneurs realize that a strict adherence to the basics is necessary for organizations to exhibit consistent growth patterns.

The five areas I will be discussing include planning, prospecting, selling, presenting, and servicing. Today, I will kick the series off focusing on the importance of planning.

Planning is a constant. If you’re not planning, you should be analyzing yesterday’s plan. Are your sales letters working? Are you uncovering at least three to five new leads every day? Are you on the lookout for opportunities that will keep your attention and provide you with a chance to grow? Is your equipment and computer system adequate? Is your place of business clean? How do your customers feel when they call your phone number? Do you have an up-to-date database full of active customers and attractive prospects? If not, what are you going to do about it? Should you be having more fun? If yes, what do you need to do to have more fun?

I believe it was Gen. Eisenhower who said, ”The plan seldom gets followed. But planning is everything.” This simple quote reminds us that life often gets in the way of our good intentions. (More often than not.)

With that being said, taking time to think about what you are doing, to whom you are doing it to, and why you’re doing it will help pave the way for a stress-free travel business.

Here is a worthwhile exercise. Take a clean piece of paper on Sunday night and write down five to seven tasks you want to achieve in the next five days. The key is not to inundate yourself with busywork and jot down 10 to 20 goals that will prove to be nothing more then lip service come Friday.
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The trick to your new planning strategy it is to keep your thoughts contained to one sheet of paper. This will ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated.

Task by task, step by step you will soon be following a weekly plan worth following. The results are sure to astound you. Get started this Sunday.

If you’re looking for something to read on the subject on planning and time management, I recommend a book by Gary Keller titled The One Thing.

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