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Less Is More! Three Words You Can Take To The Bank.

That is the message I would like you to toss your way today. Less is more.

These three words are particularly poignant when it comes to promoting your company. Let’s face it, what the world does not need more of is information. We have lots of information on every single subject known to man. Yelling louder in the direction of your prospect is not the answer. When people are ready to buy, they will buy and not until.

So today I want to remind you that the secret to your business’s success might just lie exactly where I have been telling you it lies for the past twenty years —– with your visibility. Simple visibility with a simple message will keep you on the radar screen.

Here is today’s thought of the day.

Write a four-word letter to your prospect list. If you want you can begin with Dear Mr./ Mrs. Those words don’t count in your total. You can also end with your usual complimentary close….sincerely, XYZ. These words also don’t count.

Here are the four words you can write in the body of your letter.

“I can help you!”

Don’t laugh. A few minutes ago you were agreeing with me when I implied that “less is more.” Try it. You will find your prospects appreciating your brief, honest, refreshingly succinct, to the point, on-the money message.
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You will stand out from the rest of your verbose competitors who feel they were born with the “gift-of-gab.” If you are so inclined, you can follow a week later with a second letter; this one will also be brief and easy to read. It would go something like this:

Dear Mr. Smith, 

Last week I told you that I could help you. You probably put the letter down wondering, “how?”

Here are three ways that immediately come to mind:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

There may be more but we should probably met before I venture a direction that may not benefit you directly.

Let’s talk when you are ready. 15-Minutes should do it.

Mike Marchev

The key is to start having more fun with your marketing. Try new things. Take a shot. Go out on a limb. Think about it. You have very little (if anything) to lose. But when push comes to shove, in virtually all areas of your life, less is usually a lot more.

To borrow a closing phrase from Ellen Degeneres … be kind to one another.

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