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Sales & Marketing Nugget # 945

Here is a little “nugget” for all of you who have something to do with “sales.” And to those of you who are asleep at the wheel, that includes ALL OF YOU.

I’ll use me as an example to drive this point home. Let’s assume you are trying to get a raise or sell me something. Before you “dump your wagon” and put your foot in your mouth, I suggest that you step back and look for the “hook.”

The “hook” is what will connect the two of us. It is something we have in common. It is something that I can easily identify with and, more often than not, hold dear to my heart.

The “hook” can be a number of things. Your job is to find it before you begin your presentation.
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Here are a few “hooks” you could consider in our example: Greyhound dogs. I love greyhound dogs. New Jersey. I spent the first 60 years of my life in NJ. Stepchildren. I have a stepson. AARP. (This isn’t my first rodeo.) Travel. I have been around the bases a number of times. How about education? I earned my undergraduate degree from UMASS. Or our majors regardless of what institution you graduated from. Mine was American History.

Other “hooks” might include former place of employment, cars, clubs, associations, time served in a particular prison, and the list goes on. There are many more hooks if you do your homework.

Find the “hook” before presenting your case, and your chance for success will be doubled if not tripled. (Enhanced somewhat at the very least.)

Here is another good (great) idea: If you want to get close to somebody, become their customer. This is not a two-faced tactic, but rather a logical strategy. If you purchase my book for instance, you instantly become a customer of mine and one of the “good guys.” And all things being equal, it is pretty smart business to be nice to your customers.

Here is a major league idea: Invest in people before asking people to invest in you.

Well, that’s all for today. Think about it just before you do something about it.

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