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Maybe It’s Time (Again) To Reinvent Ourselves

Those of you who have come to know me, realize that I am a bona-fide, bookstore junkie. On my way to somewhere last week, I was once again sucked into an airport bookstore (they build them for people like me) and exited the facility 25 bucks lighter.

Now the proud owner of “The Daily Drucker,” a 360 article composite of business-related thoughts penned by the famous Peter Drucker himself, I flipped to January 25th, page 27 to the article titled Reinvent Yourself.

Peter reminded me that people work increasingly with knowledge, rather than with skills these days.  And that these two concepts differ in a fundamental characteristic — skills change very slowly. Knowledge changes itself. It makes itself obsolete very rapidly. A knowledge worker becomes obsolescent if he or she does not go back to school every three or four years.

It went on to offer that people change over time. They become different people with different needs, different abilities, different perspectives, and therefore with a need to “reinvent themselves.”

As a motivational something or other, I always saw the need for people to “revitalize” themselves. I preach that enthusiasm sells, and it is wise to run away from those who insist on singing negative songs. Maybe we need more than re-energization. Maybe what we need is to replant ourselves in some new, fresh, moist soil.

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This idea may sound perfect for an early spring-time message, but with the new year looming just a few months away, maybe this is the perfect message for today.

Think about it. Are you making something different of yourself and not just finding a new supply of energy? Peter Drucker concluded the article with an action step: Ask those ahead of you in age how they went about “reinventing themselves.” What steps would they recommend that you take now?

Here are three questions for you: (1) What’s new about you? (2) What’s different about you? (3) What are you doing to become and remain a non-boring person?

Hey! If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, I’ll try again in another article. Today is the perfect day to make more people glad they know you. The world is filled with mediocrity. Become The Exception.

Today’s Quote:

“If you look for the best in people, more often than not the best is what you will get.”

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