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You Have Nothing To Lose: Write That Letter

I once came across an article in The New York Times in the employment section talking about how important the ability to “write” is regardless of the trending technological world.

This prompted today’s reminder.

I wanted to “wax eloquent” today on some (1) life-changing, ( 2) mood-altering, or (3) business-building topic that would alter the way my readers run their lives…but quite frankly…I don’t have the time.

I must sadly admit that what most people do not need in their personal “To-Read Folder” is more opinionated interpretations from me. So I’ll spare you much of the drone, and get right to work.

I’ll simply toss a challenge your way. And here is how it goes:

Lately I have been entertaining the idea of writing a letter to the athletic director of Rutgers University. He graduated from my high school so I have an immediate “hook” to hang my letter on. As you may or may not know, Rutgers’ football team after years of playing the doormat, is playing much better. This is BIG news in the state of the gardens for those of us who know what a football is, and who know that the state actually does have their own university.

I am going to write a letter to Bob Mulcahy and ask for a one-on-one interview to see what I can learn from a team that goes from doormat to being competitive. There must be some lessons buried in the last 35 years somewhere. I am hoping he will grant me an interview.

But, what I think doesn’t count. And what you think doesn’t count. You see, I don’t deal with college jocks. Neither do you. Bob Mulcahy does. So I think I will give him the opportunity to exercise his option whether to see me or not. This ought to be a hoot, so stand by for further updates.
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But, for those of you still reading, you are probably wondering what your challenge is.

Let me net this out for you so I can start drafting my letter. Here is what I want you to do this week and for the remainder of the year….and for all 12 months next year.

  • Read the morning paper looking for ideas and names.
  • Write letters like the one I will soon be writing, tossing an idea or two off your targeted audience.
  • Don’t lose a minute of sleep over your letter, because you can’t possibly lose a thing. When you start with nothing you have nothing to lose.

1) Mail the letter. (Yes. I do have to include this as a listed item). After all, we all exhibit from time to time that quality that earns us the title of “lazy slug.” Talk is cheap. Ideas are a dime a dozen. You get the picture.

2) While waiting for a return letter, or while drafting your follow-up phone call script, be on the lookout for another opportunity to place yourself out on the limb.

3) Have fun thinking about the possibilities…the “what-if’s.”

Note: Depending on the degree of your seriousness, be prepared to follow-up with more correspondence.

There you have it. Go stick your neck out this week, have some fun and see what comes of it. Write some letters. Then go write some more letters.

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