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1/200 Just Might Be Good Enough!

I want to call your attention today to a single sound bite that I picked up watching a baseball game where the New York Mets beat The St. Louis Cardinals. The Mets won the game with a two-run homer. Here is the sound bite I picked up on:

“There were over 200 pitches thrown in the game and it all came down to this one pitch.”

One pitch. One swing. Two runs. One win.

I couldn’t help but think of you…and me…and the game of sales we are both playing. 199 attempts seem futile at times…even a waste of time. And then, one phone call…one letter…one introduction…one email…and we are back in the game.

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That is not a stretch. That is how sales works in a time of extreme competitiveness with a myriad of options. The number of attempts in sales may not approach the number 200 but it could be five, ten and even twenty. In the same vein, all it takes is one to turn your life around or put you back in the win column.

Today’s message could be as simple as reminding you to keep on swinging. And if possible, try to enjoy the game along the way.

This may be a good time to remind you that 50% of sales people quit after the initial contact. Another 25% quit after two attempts. The pivotal factor is that over 80% of sales transactions happen after the fifth contact.

The trick therefore is to remain visible over time without over-doing your stay or appearing as an obnoxious pest. I venture to say that this is a skill worth developing. Professional persistence while avoiding boorish behavior is a lot easier said than done. The way you achieve this positioning is to always have a reason and a purpose for contacting people. I love the statement, “Don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.” Likewise, don’t bother a prospect or customer until you have something of value to bring to the communication.

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