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Are You “Useful?”

Today I want you to think about the word “useful.”

I believe that by just thinking about this word, your contribution to your prospects and clients is bound to improve. By following your thoughts and becoming “more” useful, your life will immediately change for the good.

Question: Are you useful? Are there opportunities for you to be more useful?

Think about it. I am certain your performance and the way you approach prospects and clients will begin to change just by addressing these two questions.

How you can become more useful is something you will have to arrive at. I don’t know what you are doing now, so I can’t intelligently recommend a program designed for improvement.

I do know that if you are just a middle-person, a taker, or somebody who feels it is okay to simply skate through life without “bringing something to the party,” your days as an entrepreneur are just about ready to come to an end.
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Calling people to “touch base” may sound like a good idea. You may consider it as a “touch point” and one of the rungs on your Rule of 7 ladder. (Seven contacts in each 18-month period.) But there is a better way. What if you made the call and attached to it was a piece of information designed to make the life of your target audience easier? What if after the opening pleasantries you reminded your client or prospect of some deadline looming in the near future?  What if your purpose was to confirm their email address so you could forward an article that reminded you of them relating to their future trip to Italy? What if you attached a YouTube video of a recent 60-Minutes Show that you thought might be of particular interest to them.

In other words, what if you were looking out for their best interest regularly? I think this small gesture would speak volumes in and of itself and you would be no less for ware.

One reminder however. Never forget the salesman’s mantra: Be bright; Be brief; Be gone.

Never over do your stay. Get on. Deliver your message. Get off.

Now it is your turn. Email me topics I can respond to. I want to help you.

Mike Marchev Mike Marchev has plenty of stories, strategies and tactics to keep you on top of your game.
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