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Two Lessons From “Le Blanc”

As many of you know, Le Blanc is one of Palace Resort’s upscale properties. With ten total locations Palace Resorts provides great experiences in their all-inclusive destinations. My wife and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary at Le Blanc in Cancun.

You have heard me report many times before that a white beach is a beach, and a free Pina Colada is another free drink. Most hotel showers have hot water and many, if not most, resort pools have enticing walk-up bars.

What makes all the difference is the world when it comes to ideal vacations is the sincerity and the true service-orientation of the “people.” And this is where my high opinion of Le Blanc, Cancun takes center stage.

As a general statement, I enjoy associating with the Mexican people. I became particularly fond of the employees at Le Blanc. Just as most people believe that dogs can tell when humans are frightened of them, most people can detect genuine sincerity when they see it. When those providing customer service at Le Blanc said, “It is my pleasure,” you knew they understood and appreciated how tourism works and were truly pleased to “be of service.”

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This leads me to Lesson #1. When you deliver your service to your clients are you reading from a script and giving obvious “lip-service,” or do you actually know what side of your bread the butter goes on. Do your clients “feel” your appreciation each and every time you ply your trade? Service is your true differentiation. Are you making yours memorable?

Note: Bob Dylan once reminded us in song that regardless of your lot in life, “you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed you’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

The next lesson could find me preaching to the choir. The one negative during our four-day stay in Cancun was nobody’s fault. You could think of it as “the luck of the draw.”

A destination wedding was planned at the resort during our stay and a large group of eager “party-goers” took over the pool much to the chagrin of those not invited to the festivities. If I had to put a description on the group it would sound a lot like rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and boorish all salted in with a few off-colored word selections not particularly appropriate for an upscale destination like Le Blanc. Which leads me to lesson #2.

Lesson #2 is a reminder to my travel professional friends. Go the extra mile for your clients. Find out what the destination in question has in store waiting for your important clients. Just maybe a day or two one-way or the other could help insure a more pleasant experience.

(I remember speaking in Las Vegas the same week the National Rodeo was in town. In addition to seeing some mighty large belt buckles I learned a few new words that week. I cruised into Daytona when the biker’s convention was rolling through town. Interesting is a word that just doesn’t do that experience justice.)

Bottom Line: (1) Le Blanc remains my Mexican Resort of choice. (2) My wife Barbara remains my woman of choice. (3) I am already looking forward to my next visit to Mexico.

Mike Marchev

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