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Wonder at the End of the World with CTS Fares

At the southern section of South America is the area known as Patagonia. It is a massive, natural place full of magic. With large expanses to hike or take tours, Patagonia gives the traveler a look at the beauty of the end of the world. There are many sights to see including glaciers, mountains grazing the sky, and reflective lakes.

PictureThough mostly in Argentina, the area of Patagonia is also in Chile. Spanning 402,700 mi2, it makes up quite a bit of South America. With this amount of land considered part of Patagonia, it is amazing that the population sits at about 2 million. This lends further evidence to how natural the settings are in this serene region. There are six national parks here: Torres del Paine, in Chile; Los Glaciares , in Argentina; Laguna San Rafael, in Chile; Nahuel Huapi, in Argentina; Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina; and Alberto de Agostini, in Chile. Each park is unique in what it offers the traveler, though we’ll only be looking at the top three.

Torres del Paine is one of the largest, and most visited of the parks. This park has breathtaking scenery as you hike around the three horn-shaped peaks, known as Torres del Paine. Along the hike, the traveler can find blue icebergs from glaciers as well. This 1810 sq. km park also has forest, lakes, and rivers to take in with the rest of the stunning atmosphere.

PictureThe Los Glaciares National Park has the atmosphere of rugged mountains and many glacial lakes. Lake Argentino, a 160 km long lake, is the star of show here. At the furthest point of this great lake, the Perito Moreno Glacier pushed chunks of ice into the water below for an unbelievable show of nature. Here, the traveler can trek around the glacier getting different views of the ice jutting from the water. It is located near the town of El Calafate, which is where the traveler can start the daytrip to this one-of-a-kind site.

PictureAnother remote area worth visiting is the Laguna San Rafael National Park. Once there, a 30,000 year old glacier (with the same name as the park) awaits the sight of the adventurer. It is located on the Pacific coast of Chile, and covers an area of 6,726 sq. miles. This park contains some of the highest mountains in Patagonia such as Monte San Valenín, which rises to a dizzying 2.5 miles high. The lucky traveler will also find the Northern Patagonian ice Field astonishing, as it is the second largest mass of ice – only second to the polar ice caps.

Patagonia awaits for the traveler looking to experience the serenity and alluring beauty of a land mostly untouched by the modern world. And, Cosmopolitan Travel Service (CTS Fares) wants to help agents get travelers to this unique land – while saving them as much as possible. CTS Fares provides better service, has bigger ideas, and is the best consolidator. A win-win situation for all the parties to celebrate the magnificence of Patagonia.

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