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Dazzling Tasmania with AAT Kings

Australia’s only island state, Tasmania is south of mainland Australia. Over 45 percent of Tasmania is protected in national parks, harboring unique natural areas and species alike. The travelers that go to Tasmania have a full adventure ahead of them, with hiking, rafting, kayaking, and topping the active parts off with a great food and celebratory drink. One of the last stops in the world before Antarctica, Tasmania is a lively island with plenty to do. Thanks to AAT Kings, today’s article is all about the island waiting to be discovered by the traveler.


60-Second Geography

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania with AAT Kings

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  • Tasmania’s capital is Hobart, a city with a rich colonial district and Mt. Wellington rising in the background. It sits on a bay on the southern tip of Tasmania that has docks of boats, some ready to take the traveler around the waterways in the south of the island. Hobart has plenty of eateries and places to drink while the traveler celebrates the day. Mt. Wellington, which is 4,170-foot tall, is a perfect spot to bike or hike up – leading to a stunning view of Hobart and the surrounding area full of natural splendor. On Saturdays, the Salamanca Market is open for food, produce, and art for all of the traveler’s needs.



  • The high points of Tasmania are the national parks and other gorgeous natural areas, and the island has plenty. Maria Island, an old probation station for convicts from colonial times, offers up wildlife watching that can’t be beat. With over 80 species of animal, the traveler will find wombats, wallabies, and parrots going about their daily business. Freycinet National Park, on the east coast of the island, has a white-sand beach along blue waters and is fitting for those that love to get out and experience nature in its purest form. Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park has ancient rainforests and glacial lakes with a rich and rugged feel. Here, the traveler will not only find the famous Tasmanian devil in the wild, but can also visit many Aboriginal historic sites such as stone tools, caves, and rock shelters on an Aboriginal Cultural Walk.



  • Also on the east coast is the bay of Fires. This bay is runs for about 31 miles and is known for its powdery white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that are far removed from civilization. The orange hue of the granite lends a unique feel to these remote areas that the traveler will very much enjoy leisurely trekking and taking in the sites of a unique land.



Tasmania is a place that will not disappoint for trekkers who seek to find the high points and best views, explorers looking to find the hidden gems in the bush, animal lovers searching to witness wildlife in its natural places, and travelers who want to find out all that the island of Tasmania has to offer. AAT Kings offers up the best of the best when it comes to Australian and Tasmanian vacations to explore and see this majestic land of phenomenal sunsets and untouched beauty.





Perfect Tasmania

The island of Tasmania is renowned for its pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife, gourmet food and wine, and friendly locals. On this wide-ranging journey, you’ll visit Hobart’s bustling Salamanca Market. Witness the stunning natural beauty of Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Park, and indulge your tastebuds with fresh Tasmanian artisan cheeses and other delicious treats.

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Tasmanian Wonders

If Tasmania is on your must-do list, this journey offers the ideal introduction to the island state. Combining spectacular landscapes with exposure to rich convict history and gourmet artisan produce, it takes you to unforgettable locations and ensures memorable encounters. Step back in time at Port Arthur, and visit the wild Gordon River, Cradle Mountain and the pristine Tarkine Wilderness.

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Tasmania’s Footsteps and Trails

A range of unique cultural, gastronomic and accommodation experiences unfold as you explore this beautiful, historic island. Discover Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), spectacular Bruny Island, the Bay of Fires and glorious Wineglass and Coles Bays on this truly unique journey.

Small group max 20 pax, includes Bay of Fires walk and art and wine experience at MONA

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