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Email Marketing is Not Dead

Research has discovered that the reason some subject email lines are more effective than others is directly related to ‘utility and/or curiosity.’

Emails still play a very important role in many people’s lives, although the term “spam” is bandied about freely and directed towards a great percentage of incoming messages. It has become a daily routine to delete as many unwanted emails as possible in the least amount of time. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may soon be over-shadowed by Delete-itis.

The fact is that many emails are important and need to be read and internalized. The accepted way to manage incoming emails is to determine as quickly as possible whether they are worth reading or deleting. This often boils down to two main criteria when interpreting the subject line:

  1. Does it appear that this message would be useful to you personally? “Is the writer talking to me?”
  2. Is there intrigue and mystery in what is being promoted?
  3. Have the words in the subject line stimulated my imagination? Do I want to know more?

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If this is the criteria that people use to determine whether to read or delete your emails, it is in your best interest to begin sculpting subject lines that shout out to the reader, “Hey Bub. I’m talking to you.” Or at the very least, “This email is sounding pretty cool.”

Creating effective subject lines will result in more “opens.” It is a skill worth developing. Like any other worthwhile skill it will take time and focus to develop.

Here are a few good exercises that will help when it comes to crafting eye-catching subject lines.

Start with your own inbox. Start focusing on the subject lines you are receiving. Which ones hold your interest? Which subject lines appear as exercises in futility? Just begin to focus.

Next, start reading the headlines in popular magazines. The ones positioned at the checkout desk at super markets are as good as any. See how the pros ply their craft. Their job is to capture the attention of readers, and they don’t have more than a few seconds to do so.

Both of these exercises will prove to be both fun and productive. Trust me. It will prove to be worth the effort.

Mike Marchev

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