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How to Stay Social from your Suitcase

When you head out of town for work or on vacation, do you find that your social marketing or your checked baggage get lost?

While we don’t have any control over our checked bags, we do have control over our social presence. We work hard to engage with our fans, post relevant videos and create ads that convert. But, how do we carry these strategies thru when we’re on the road?

Short of cloning or hiring more staff here’s some strategies to keep up socially.


Before you Leave

The time before vacation or a business trip can be pure chaos: finish that project, plan that meeting agenda, connect with colleagues, and pack! Consider these social tactics to keep on pace:

  • Pre-schedule your social posts
  • Shoot some video in advance and pre-schedule socially
  • Write and schedule blog posts
  • Set appointments for video shoots and interviews at your destination
  • Ensure your Pages Manager and Ads apps are up to date


Here’s some things that are always in my travel bag to ensure a smooth trip.



During your Trip

Once you hit the ground do you find that you’re simply running from meeting to trade show to evening event. Amidst all the activity, take a few minutes to ensure your trip is a social marketing success.

  • Set up some time for a video interview. Consider chatting with:
  • Before your video interview check the:
    • Lighting
    • Background noise
    • Setting and backdrop
    • If you’re going live, check your internet connection and run through these prep tips.
  • Capture still images to use in:
    • Video slideshows
    • Future marketing & social posts
    • Blogs and articles
    • Social photo albums and stories
  • If possible, post organically and ‘in the moment’


After your Trip

Now that you’re back in the office, do you find more chaos awaits? Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Jump into action and:

  • Edit your videos. Top editing tools
  • Create a variety of content with your photos and videos
  • Follow up to create more opportunities with your interviewees
    • Go live from your desktop and host an interview or talk show
    • Guest post on a colleagues blog
    • Ongoing video creation and article writing
  • Create social ads to showcase your new content


With all the excitement of a business trip, trade show or vacation, it’s a great opportunity to connect via your visual creations and build relationships. Social marketing is the perfect vehicle to bring more content and less chaos to fans and followers.

What tips do you have for staying social on the road?

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