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The Charms of Old World Russia

Once one of the most important cities in Russia, Suzdal has a history dating back to around the 11th century. It is a well-preserved image of the old world, with storybook scenes laid out before the traveler. The winters are a wonderland, as snow covers the ground and caps the onion-shaped domes of cathedrals to enhance the audacious colors of blue, green, and gold. Suzdal is a snapshot of beauty that has lasted through the ages. Which is why Super Value Tours has chosen it as one of the destinations on their Enchanting Russia tour package.


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Suzdal, Russia

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  • Suzdal’s economy is largely based on tourism, and this is a well-deserved market. Especially with landmarks such as the Kremlin. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Kremlin is older than the one in Moscow. Within its walls are a few churches, most notably the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral. It is considered to be the heart of Suzdal, and the mystic blue domes and golden stars that sparkle with daylight are unmistakable. It’s allure dates back to 1225, when Suzdal was the capital and base of Prince Yury Dolgoruky’s rule over vast areas of Kyivan Rus province. Also inside the citadel walls of the Kremlin is a unique wooden church called the Jordan Canopy. This church wass placed upon the ice of the Kamenka River atop a cross-shaped hole in the frozen river and is a gathering place to bless the river every January on Epiphany Day.




  • Other churches in Suzdal are worth visiting as well. The Wooden Church of St. Nicholas, originally built in Glotovo in 1766, was relocated to Suzdal in 1960. A great example of Russian architecture in the old world, this church is part of the Museum of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life. St. John the Baptist Church is similar in architectural style, but is made of white plastered walls with wooden supports. Another structure to visit is the Intercession Convent and Church, which was built in 1518. Unlike the rest of the churches in Suzdal, the Intercession Church is plain with simplistic white walls and no stained glass. Connected to the Intercession Church is also an art gallery which showcases art from the 16th and 17th centuries.




  • As mentioned earlier, the Museum of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life is another sight to behold by the traveler. To create this museum of old world ingenuity, about 20 buildings from around the area were relocated to Suzdal. Some house and some churches, the buildings are a fine example of how peasants lived in the 17th to 19th There are even watermills that turn and complete furnishings inside the houses. Technically no one lives there, but the traveler will feel right at home when visiting this insight into the lives of people long gone.




Suzdal has been described as a fairytale, a living story that astounds with its style that was untouched by the industrialization of Russia. Though it is only one city in Golden Ring, a ring of cities in the northeastern part of Russia, it is by far the most prestigious and striking of the circle of cities. This city is a perfect stopover when showing travelers the history and sights of Russia, and will not disappoint. Super Value Tours cover all of this on their Enchanting Russia tour, and more.

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