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Consider Yourself Whacked!

I am referring to the infamous and much often needed “Whack-in-the-Head”.

We all need one now and then. Some refer to them as a “wake-up call.” Some call them a “blinding flash of the obvious.” Some are a tad more painful than others. Some make us laugh. Others simply make us think. The good ones actually change our behavior for the better.

Call them whatever you like, we all need one now and then, and I got mine this past week.

If you require some more set-up before the “whack” itself, here goes:

The Set-Up

“Time flies” is more than just a clever reminder. Time does fly, and it is passing us by as you read today’s message. It waits for no man, woman or child and is a resource that is gone the instant it arrives. “Time waits for nobody.”

My Whack!

It has to do with my Blog. Or more specifically, with the consistency that I choose to blog. I was reminded last week from a source I work with, admire and trust that my inconsistency in posting to my Blog could be hurting me. “THUD!”

The reminder hit me like a ton of bricks. Two thoughts shot through my mind: (1) People are reading the dang thing. (2) Why do it if you are not going to do it?

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Result of Whack:

I have a Blog. I have more than one Blog. I have something to say on my Blog. Some people read my Blog. I will continue to Blog.

The underlying message is this: If you decide to do something in or with your business…do it. If you decide to join Twitter…Tweet. If you join an organization…attend meetings. If you tell somebody you will call them back…call them back.

I suppose if you insist on going a bit deeper, it is time for an age-old marketing question. “Are you walking your talk?” Are you doing what you are saying you will do?

The ball is back in your court.

Consider yourself “Whacked.”

Mike Marchev

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