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Iceland has been a rising star in the travel industry for almost 15 years now. With 2.3 million visitors in 2018, it has become a major choice of destination for travelers. There’s no denying why it has become popular among travelers. The sparse population leaves much of the natural sites intact and pristine, while the people are welcoming to anyone who wishes to come see their exquisite country. Surreal fjords and waterfalls create a sense of wonder. Cities full of a distinct culture and lively modern feel compel a visit.

During this time of increasing tourism to Iceland, the Iceland ProTravel family has grown to include many options for the traveler. Iceland ProTravel Iceland, an incentive and group DMC, provides group travel, opportunities for a self-driving journey, and incentive travel for the employees that drive a company to success. On the other hand, Iceland ProFishing is a sea-angling company that runs 22 boats and houses along the western fjords of Iceland and is fitting for the fisherman looking to wrangle up fish at the end of the world—while being able to witness whales and dolphins in the distance. Then there’s, Iceland ProCruises.

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Iceland ProCruises, Icelandic owned and operated like the previous mentioned operators, knows the coasts and islands like no one else. Their ship, the Ocean Diamond, accommodates no more than 210 passengers which creates a personal and authentic experience. The Ocean Diamond is also ice-strengthened with excellent maneuverability for going to places that other ships cannot. And where she can’t go, the Zodiac boats on-board can take the traveler to unique and memorable places along the coasts. With stops along Iceland and Greenland, and through ancient Viking routes, the Ocean Diamond’s crew is highly experienced and knowledgeable while adding a more personal feel to the journey.

From the stunning fjords that tower over peaceful waters, to the tranquil landscapes, to the warm welcome of the Icelandic people—Iceland’s leading specialist for soft adventure cruising is ready to take your traveler to the lands at the end of the Earth.


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