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Business Savvy Do’s and Don’ts

Today I am going to cut to the chase. I will spare the excessive rhetoric and go right for the jugular.


Here are six essential qualities that are the key to success:

  1. Sincerity
  2. Personal Integrity
  3. Humility
  4. Courtesy
  5. Wisdom
  6. Charity


Here are a few Business Savvy Do’s and Don’ts that will help:


  • Leave your bad mood at the door.
  • Keep confident—both personal and professional.
  • Keep personal office décor to a minimum and in good taste.
  • Write thank-you notes and letters of appreciation.
  • Use phrases like, “How may I help you?” or “How may I be of assistance to you?” (These are contemporary without being condescending.)
  • Use a full-length mirror each time you dress so that you can see the total image you are presenting.


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  • Criticize or trash your competition.
  • Take out your anger or frustrations on others.
  • Swear, shout, cry, or display anger in the business arena. You’ll lose credibility.
  • Drop into a client’s office/home unannounced—call first.
  • Criticize your company: complain about problems, other people, or your failed promotion. (Meet with appropriate individuals in the company in private to issue a complaint.)
  • Gossip or listen to gossip.
  • Use phrases like, “What can I do for you?”—it’s outdated and condescending.
  • Place your briefcase or coat on another person’s desk.
  • Comb your hair or apply makeup in someone else’s office. (Excuse yourself and attend to grooming needs in the restroom.)
  • Remove items on someone else’s desk to make room for you briefcase or papers. Use your lap.
  • Place a handbag of any size on a desk, boardroom table, or restaurant table. (Small bags are kept on the lap; large ones by the side of your chair or near your feet. Etiquette for etiquette’s sake is an empty activity and a meaningless ritual.)


Genuine good manners and a working knowledge of professional behavior are essential and productive business skills. I know you already know all of this. It can’t help to be reminded now and then.

Mike Marchev

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