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Dressbarn to Close All 650 Stores

I read this headline this morning and to be honest, it meant absolutely nothing to me. It was my wife who let out a quiet scream of concern. “I have a few sweaters and tops from Dressbarn that I absolutely love.”

The article reminded me that this establishment has (had) been in business for over 50 years. The culprit came as no surprise. Online shopping and Amazon in particular, as well as a well-known discounter known for their red target, were the primary culprits.

I have been known to be seen strolling aimlessly down an aisle or two of Targets on a Saturday morning, and I am a Prime Member of Amazon. I toss no dispersions in either direction. That is not my message today.

The entire shooting match, after 50 years of customer satisfaction and presumably healthy profits, is closing their doors—lock, stock and barrel. Not merely a handful of unprofitable stores….all of them…650 in total. Don’t you find that to be interesting? Or, if you are like me, sad.

I am not here today to list all the things The Dressbarn might have done wrong. I am not going to play Monday Morning Quarterback and pretend I know how they could have punched their cash registers for another 50 years. Rather, I am going to steer the next couple of paragraphs towards you and your immediate future.

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Ladies and gentlemen, as recently proven by our dear friends at Dressbarn, there are no guarantees when it comes to business. Today’s success story is tomorrow’s memory.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from agents who tell me life is grand and they are enjoying the best year of their lives. They all seem to have throttled back thinking that they have finally made it.” They put the brakes on their marketing efforts.

As proof with The Dressbarn’s recent decision to close shop, you are never “there.” You will always be “on your way.” Don’t allow your competitive efforts to wane. And never, ever become content or satisfied with your current press coverage.

I have been known to end many of my articles with a simple reminder and it seems appropriate to do so today. KEEP ON KEEPING ON. (Remember The Dressbarn)

Mike Marchev

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