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The Holy and Profound Experience of Israel

Israel, a place of holiness to many around the world. It is steeped in the ancient history of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths. Calls from mosques ring out in contrast to the prayers along the Western Wall. Markets buzz with life, while holy sites like the Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount stand as monoliths in time. Modern Israel is full of amazing opportunities for the traveler to experience, from relaxation to the deepest of historical sites.

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Get ready to embark on a cultural and educational Jewish-focused trip to Israel. This outstanding Israel tour package takes you to explore some of the most important sights of Jewish and historical significance throughout the country including a stay at a Kibbutz guesthouse. Explore Rosh Hanikra where you will descend by cable car into the underwater grottoes to admire the spectacular natural formation. Stroll through the narrow alleyways of the Caro and Ari synagogues and visit the picturesque Artists’ quarter in Safed. Take an adventure-filled Jeep tour to the foot of the Golan. Discover the fascinating excavated remains from Roman and Byzantine periods in Beit Shean


This illuminating Holy Land Israel vacation package showcases the splendors of Israel in a faith-based travel itinerary with stays in Tel Aviv, Kibbutz Lavi, and Jerusalem. Join on this religious Israel travel package to delve deeper into the spirituality, culture, customs, and destinations of religious importance that you are yearning to experience. Come explore ancient excavations in Caesarea and Megiddo, see the underground City and Crypt in Acre, enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and stand on the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Journey along to Tabgha and commemorate the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. On this enriching Israel tour package, visit Cana and the wedding church where Jesus performed his first miracle.


Have a truly fantastic time on your trip to Israel as you experience the treasures of this sacred land on this upscale Israel travel program. Explore ancient excavations in Caesarea and Megiddo. Visit ancient wonders in Bethlehem and Nazareth, the Dead Sea, the rock fortress of Masada, and Jericho. Enjoy a private tour and wine tasting experience at a Golan winery and venture out on a Jeep tour to the foot of the Golan. Delve into the Old City of Jerusalem as well as the Jewish quarter. On your splendid Israel vacation tour, marvel at the Dead Sea Scrolls on display at the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book. Savor a Middle Eastern dinner followed by the spectacular “Sound & Light” show at the Tower

  • Considered to be the center point of Jewish identity, from cultural to spiritual, Jerusalem is also a holy city to the religions of Christianity and Islam. It stands as a point of diversity in a region that has been fought over, destroyed, and rebuilt multiple times. The Old City is a perfect example of this delicate dynamic. Here, the calls to prayers for all three Abrahamic religions resonate through the air of incense and ancient ideals. The Wailing Wall, also known as Kotel, is a central piece to the Jewish faith; and the traveler will witness the prayers of devotees in the ancient atmosphere. The Dome of the Rock is considered to be one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture. The tiled exterior and interior is complemented by the gold dome rising above, a fitting style for the place said to be where Mohammed ascended to heaven. Narrow alleyways wind through this walled off part of the city, leading to sites that could never be experienced elsewhere.



  • In contrast to the ancient feel that Jerusalem offers, Tel Aviv is cosmopolitan. The central area of town is called the White City, containing the largest number of buildings in the Bauhaus architecture style. Beaches line the western edge of the city, blue Mediterranean waters meeting the white sands. These beaches vary in interest. Metzitzim Beach is family friendly with shallow waters. Hilton Dog Beach is where owners bring the dogs to roam and frolic. Gay Beach welcomes all but provides an environment for gay and queer people to express themselves how they wish. Gordon, Frishman, and Bograshov Beaches are popular spots with plenty of locals and travelers congregating for a good time. Beyond the beaches, Tel Aviv is known for its night life. Here, the parties are world renowned. There is a place for every traveler to drink and revel the night away – sometimes until the dawn.



  • South of Jerusalem, in Palestine, is the historical birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem. The city is a magnet for Christian pilgrims from all over the world. The top attraction here is the Church of the Nativity, which is one of the oldest churches in the world and built atop the cave said to have been the exact birthplace of Jesus. Another point of interest is the Mar Saba Monastery, a massive stone monastery cut into the side of a large hill.



With one foot in history and the other in the modern world, Israel is magical. That’s why Central Holidays wants to get the traveler to see the gorgeous mosques, grand churches, and stunning synagogues. From underground cisterns to beaches to narrow streets on ancient roads – there is no other place like this and will quickly form unforgettable memories.

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