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Attitude Adjustment: Part 2, Mistakes

Not Permitting Mistakes Could Be Your Biggest Mistake

What stops most people from identifying and pursuing what they want to achieve? The answer: Fear. Fear of what? Fear of failure or, on a more incremental basis, the fear of making mistakes.

Here’s how you can completely reverse that psychology: Give yourself permission to make mistakes. The reason for this is because mistakes lead to growth and growth leads to success.

You heard me right. I’m not suggesting that you commit flagrant fouls. I’m simply suggesting that you allow yourself to experiment and extend beyond your current comfort zone. Mistakes are visible signs that you are trying to do something new and that you not afraid to venture out into the into unfamiliar territory.

Here is a corollary: Allowing yourself to make mistakes will actually make you, and your life, more interesting. The words “mistake” and “boring” do not work well together. Mistakes are never boring. Quite the contrary. Mistakes can be catalysts for adrenaline surges. While it is true that some may be dangerous and others may be stupid, many mistakes will be costly while others will be painfully embarrassing. But without exception, they will never be boring.

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People are drawn to those who are not afraid to make mistakes and who find it delightfully amusing to laugh at themselves. So, here is today’s message: Stick your neck out now and then. Stretch a little. Make a mistake and enjoy what is about to happen next.


Mike Marchev

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