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The Blue-Roads Lead to Japan, and Beyond

Blue-Roads Touring Co. (formerly Back-Roads Touring Co.) has been in the business of showing the traveler what it means to experience the world off the beaten path. Their philosophy is one of meeting the locals and tasting the traditional cuisine. This leads to a personal exploration of the beauty that each culture and location has to offer, a discovery of far more than your typical landmarks.

Blue-Roads accomplishes this unique method through a few ways. The first is that they don’t squeeze as many people as possible into the tours. Their tours max out at 18 passengers, giving the traveler a more intimate experience. Whether it be trying to maneuver around a large group to see the sites or struggling to get the expert knowledge of their tour leaders, Blue-Roads has eschewed the mentality that quantity equals quality. Add in the luxury air-conditioned mini-coaches that can travel narrow side streets and back roads, their tours give a truly deeper experience.

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And now, Blue-Roads has unveiled their new destination for meaningful travel: Japan. As always, Blue-Roads takes the traveler to meet the people and see a slice of real life with locals. They will be witness to the serenity of a Japanese tea ceremony (sadō or chadō in Japanese), walk through carefully tended gardens, or learn about recipes that bring home a sense of Japan.

Japan was added to the range of Asia 2020 tours – with destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. With these tours, the traveler can take-in the magnificent sites of the Angkor Wat temple and chow down on some of the best street food in the world. Add in the sight of massive limestone islands in Ha Long Bay, and Blue-Roads new offerings will only increase the amount of truly sensational cultures that the traveler can see first-hand and off the beaten path.


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