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When is It Time to Quit?

Of all the notorious four-letter words, the word “quit” warrants top-shelf positioning. I am not sure when I started to disdain this word as I am sure along my life’s journey I managed to quit a time or two.

When it comes to business, and sales in particular, those in position to expand one’s customer list “throw in the towel” too soon in the majority of cases. When they hit an obstacle, challenge, roadblock or objection they opt for greener pastures and “ease on down the road.”

Seasoned professionals realize that it takes time to establish trust these days and it often takes in excess of five contacts before a buyer starts to feel comfortable enough to communicate freely with a seller.

That being said, there comes a time when a seller must realize that they are “barking up the wrong tree.” It may very-well be time to “quit.” Unfortunately there is no defined timeline for this to happen.

But if I was forced into a corner to provide my candid opinion on the subject, I would provide three specific times to pack your tent and move on. (1) When you die. (2) When they die. (3) When they threaten to call the cops.


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  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha…(after reading that last sentence)!

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