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Taking the Day to Regroup

Good morning hard working travel professionals and faithful readers.

I do not have a specific message for you today, other than to say that for the next unknown period of time I will be offering short, meaningful soundbites designed to give you a morning lift during these ring times.

There is an old saying that is ear-torn among speaking professionals that reminds us “If you can’t improve upon the silence, don’t speak.”

Well, among other things, I am known for practicing what I preach. So, today, I am taking the day off to re-think this column. With any luck, starting tomorrow, I will be back with a few words worth reading.
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You, me, nobody has experienced what we all are facing at the moment. When this will become yesterday’s news is anybody’s guess. Until then, however, it is imperative that we continue doing what we can do, knowing that we will be relied upon once again to provide our travel-related services to those who value our professionalism. Until tomorrow…

Mike Marchev

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  1. Looking forward to hearing what you write in the days to come after ‘re-grouping’.

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