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Can you think of anything more unsettling than to live a life that shifts from hot to cold without notice? Some relationships are like that. The significant other is loving one minute, and arrogantly obnoxious the next. There is a term for this. Maybe it is bi-polar. It could be a split personality. Whatever you choose to call it, I call it bad news.

On a slightly different level many customer relationships follow the same sine wave. Up today and down tomorrow. With all the options consumers have these days, who in the world would put up with such antics? Not me.

A “given” in today’s business environment has to do with consistent behavior. Customers today need to feel comfortable with you and the service you provide. And not only with you, but each and every employee in your company.

Years back, the restaurant and motel called Howard Johnsons were recognized from a distance due to their bright orange roof. When spotted the traveler knew exactly what to expect from this organization. An affordable, comfortable and safe environment regardless of the town or state you were traveling through.

I suppose the same could be said about McDonalds and their Golden Arches. Cracker Barrel also comes to mind as a no-surprise dining experience with their mile high billboards dotted along Route 95.

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How about you? Do you have service and quality standards that clients can count on? Is your staff trained to deliver a consistent and dependable service day-in and day-out? Without excuses. Without exceptions.

And I am sure you are ready for my next question: If not, why not?

According to me, loyalty is bordering these days as a non-word. “What have you done for me lately?” seems to be the question of the month, week, day and hour.

Today you have to be good (real good) all of the time. You have to be consistent.


Mike Marchev

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