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It is 44 Degrees Today!

The calendar tells me it is June 15th. The weather channel tells me its 44 degrees outside. It is not supposed to be 44 degrees on June 15th. The summer solstice arrives in a week and I am bundled up like Nanook of The North.

There are a lot of things happening today that aren’t supposed to be happening. But they are. Covid-19 cases are not supposed to go on increasing. Burning stores and destroying cars aren’t supposed to be happening. Wearing face masks and virtually saying good-bye to the handshake enter the picture. Canceling dream vacations after months of planning is a debilitating reality. Not looking forward to arena-filled sporting events can be added to the “soft” list. What is happening and what is supposed to be happening are two different things during these unprecedented times.

Let’s drill down to the business level. Cancellations were not supposed to happen, but they did/are. People who once traveled the world freely are not supposed to be frightened to leave their homes. Middle seats on airplanes are not supposed to be empty. The question remains: What can you do about it? A better question: What are you going to do about it?

With the facts being what they are, perhaps it is time to take your foot off the brake and place it “gently” on the accelerator. You don’t want to “lay rubber” by “pounding the pedal to the metal.” But you do want to start moving your “vehicle” forward while picking up speed slowly. It is time to start thinking of ways we can back in the game.

There are three elements to consider when it comes to getting your businesses back on track.


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  1. Personality. You are wired the way you are. Your motivation must originate from you. You are not me and I am not you. Zoom meetings may not be your cup of tea. Article writing might give you pause, if not a downright migraine. You know what you like to do, and you know what comes naturally to you. You know what got you this far. You must play to your strengths, but you must play.
  2. Confidence. Until you fully and completely internalize the belief that you are in business to help people, your many excuses not to act will outweigh your good intentions. I can remind you how important you are to your clients and how much value you bring to their lives, but until you “get it” you will find yourself in neutral for far too long.
  3. Courage. I doubt if there ever was an “Easy Street,” but if there was it has long been replaced by “Mountain Avenue.” The road ahead will prove to be more difficult than ever before, but it is a path you must take just the same if you want to succeed. The twists and bends, never-ending hills, and occasional dead-ends will test your emotional intelligence. You will likely fail more than enjoying the ride.

What is supposed to happen and what is happening make our lives what they are. How you handle these realities will determine what lies ahead for you.

It is not supposed to be 44 degrees today… but it is.


Mike Marchev

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