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Is Your Business Worth Saving?


Today, I am trying something NEW in my column. Part one is for you to read the following text. Part two requires you to email me to receive my FREE Special Report explaining the method behind my madness. Let’s see how this idea flies. It depicts a strategy in motion, as well as providing valid information on how to save your business.

First, a personal note from me.

Allow me to prevent you from making the biggest mistake of your business life. (Well, maybe not the BIGGEST. I am sure you have registered a few doozies along the path that got you to where you are today.) Let it suffice to say that this is one of the biggest mistakes you have made along the way.

Do not, (spelled DO NOT,) equate value with girth. If you are about to be hit by an oncoming vehicle and I yell just two words to you, “LOOK OUT!”, would you feel cheated that I saved your life using just two words? I don’t think so.

The few words you are about to read in this Special Report have the power to save your business’ life. Please do not sell them short, or the suggestions I am about to share with you in this document.

What you are about to learn is far more valuable than the bits and bytes it took to distribute it to you. It is far more important than the paper you print it on. This is a “key” strategy to your future well-being.

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Take a minute to really read this report. Don’t speed… don’t skip… don’t jump… don’t multi-task. Think about what I am saying, and connect with this important aspect of you establishing trust while coming across as a genuine, caring provider of valuable and appreciated services.

Thanks for your interest and for your vote of confidence. Here is my email: *****Please write the words Special Report in the subject box.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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