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It is Time to Act

Here are a few ideas, projects, and assignments of just plain meaningful action-plans to get you off the dime and moving in the right direction again.

  1. Write to one little person in your community who has made a difference. You can select this person from your morning newspaper, or a recent review found on the Internet. Acknowledge their contribution and invite them for a cup of coffee.
  2. Write a thank you note to one of your treasured clients. A sincere thank you note. You have heard me mention this suggestion no fewer than one hundred times.
  3. Write the opening paragraph for the article you have always thought about writing. Think about a catchy title. For example: 10 sales lessons I learned from watching the animated movie Shrek.
  4. Catch an employee doing something good this week and publicly applaud them. Make a habit out of doing this. They will feel better about themselves and repeat the behavior. You will even feel better about yourself.
  5. Pick one file from a bulging file cabinet and clean it out. Do this preferably after hours. Your feeling of accomplishment will astound you.
  6. Pick up a sales related book and read a single chapter. Highlight a single point that catches your imagination. Write the page number on the inside jacket of the book for future reference.

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Even though taking action will fuel your energies, a slight depression can easily enter your life from time to time. I didn’t make this up. It happens to all of us. It may be a star-alignment thing or just a cold-weather thing, but it is real. If it does happen, don’t panic. There’s no better way to fight negative thoughts than with positive action.

If you don’t particularly like my suggestions above, add a few of your own. The key is forward moving activity.

Your next client is out there wondering where you are hiding. Go find them. Go meet them. Go help them. You have time to make a difference. What are you waiting for?


Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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