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Are You Protecting Your Assets?


My latest audible book “listen” is a book by Greg McKeown title Essentialism. It is about understanding what is essential while discounting the rest. I listen to a chapter every night while lying in bed ready to call it a day. When I heard the phrase, “Are you protecting your assets?” I sat up and made a note to myself immediately.

It has been said by many people, in many ways, that YOU are the product in a service organization. YOU are the true differentiating factor. YOU are the reason in a me-too industry people select you as their service advisor.

Recalling some training advice that I once heard when reading about the Navy Seals, I remember the phrase, “A dead man cannot save anybody.” This is a succinct way of reminding us that we must ensure that we are in solid position and in good health, if we are going to help anybody. YOU first.

Flight attendants remind us to secure our own oxygen masks before going to the aid of our children. The reasoning is exactly the same. YOU first. Help second.

If YOU are the meaningful feature and benefit of your company, that makes YOU a true asset. That means YOU must be worthy of protection.


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Therefore, my travel industry friends, it is high time that you start paying more attention to you, your strengths, your capabilities, and your never-ending opportunities to be of service in your targeted marketplace.

If you are not actively helping your clients, then it is time you continue to help yourself. This can be accomplished by reading, writing, attending workshops,

watching supplier webinars while taking copious notes, meeting with prospects and asking questions, brainstorming with your peers, and joining like-minded business-development groups. Little-by-little. Step-by-step.

YOU are an asset. Make no mistake about that. You are worth protecting. Make no mistake about that. Recognize that you are a true asset to your clients. Decide what needs doing to become a better YOU. Then starting today, begin pursuing that journey.


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