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The Return of the Riviera Maya


It’s a classic sight of a resort area lined by white sand beaches and bathed in consistent sunshine. The waters along the coast are as blue as the luxury pools of resorts that take care of almost every need—and want. The Riviera Maya in Mexico has always been a close (and safe) destination for those seeking a getaway from the daily grind.

While many countries around the world remain closed off to travelers due to COVID concerns, there a few that have been accepting the traveler for a while now. Mexico is a destination that has remained open to air travel for Americans, though the land border has been closed, the whole time. Almost all of the hotels and resorts located in the Rivera Maya have reopened, and tourism has found a resurgence with those shaking off the isolation blues.



On arrival to Mexico, travelers will receive a health screening which includes a temperature check by thermographic cameras. If the traveler is found to be symptomatic, they will either be asked to quarantine in Mexico or possibly return home. There is no mandatory quarantine for asymptomatic individuals.

The Riviera Maya, near Cancún, on the Yucatán Peninsula is located on the tip of southeastern Mexico, is surrounded by glistening seas and beaches to wash away the stress of the traveler’s worries. Here, the resorts are the key attraction. These properties are the perfect place to kick back and relax – or have a little fun at the bars and clubs. Amenities offered often include multiple swimming pools, meals, drinks, spa time, massages, and pristine rooms with a great view.

Water activities and other sports are widely available, as the resorts are normally right on the beach. Scuba diving, jet skis, kite surfing, snorkeling, volleyball, tennis, golf… all the fun parts of life without the hassle that the everyday grind brings the traveler.


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Once the home of the mighty Mayan Empire, the area around the Riviera Maya has many ruins to explore. From the further away Chichen Itza, considered to be the most significant Mayan ruins, to the smaller ruins of like Tulum and El Rey –which are closer to Cancun.

There’s no doubt that the traveler has heard from a friend who’s been, or a family member recounting their trip, to the Cancun area. These stories are as plentiful and colorful as the gorgeous resorts themselves. That’s why Global is offering up new Agent Rates to the Riviera Maya that can’t be beat.


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**A Reminder: No matter where the traveler goes, following standard social distancing and PPE requirements is always recommended to help keep COVID-19 from spreading. Please check all information regarding the rules and safety concerns of the area before visiting. Thank you.


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