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Going Against The Flow

Today’s message may require a little explanation. But first, I will share the catalyst that prompted my thoughts.

My wife received an email the other day with birthday wishes from a doctor she once visited. That, in and of itself, might have been considered as a nice gesture. The last time she saw this doctor was when she was living in New Jersey… and that was twelve years ago. Isn’t it amusing how computers can recollect important dates once an assistant finally gets back in front of an outdated database and hits the merge button with a pertinent “reminder?”

Obviously, the cockles of her heart were not warmed that day.

I have always frowned on how Hallmark Cards served as the influencer of proper behavior. In my book, waiting for a holiday to tell somebody they mean something to you is nothing more than jumping onboard the “me-too” bandwagon.

But at the risk of appearing hypocritical, here I come. Today is the fourth Thursday of the month of November and is referred to as THANKSGIVING. To some that means eating big. To others it may be football. To a few, nothing more than another day off from work. To me it is one of 365 days that I wake up and count my many blessings.

I also take time to think about all those good, honest, hard-working people who might be spending the day feeling they have very little to be thankful for today. I can’t say or do anything to change their thinking, other than try to empathize with their situation.


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I was a lucky man the day I was born, and I have been lucky for the next 71 years. Sure, Louis Pasteur went on record to remind us that “Luck Favors The Prepared Mind,” and I suppose there is more than a modicum of truth in that sentiment. But regardless of the reason or fairness of it, I have much to be grateful for and I try earnestly to take nothing for granted.

As for the virus, it appears that help is on the way. The last ten months have tested us all in some way, shape or form. But if you are reading this very line right now, it is proof positive that you have not given up yet. If noting else, you can be thankful that you are alive to fight another day.


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