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NEW PODCAST: The Travel Lab with Nikita Brown


Shine on, number nine! Please allow me to introduce the ninth podcast in the Travmarket Media Network of Podcasts. I am selfishly pleased to say that Nikita Brown is lending her voice and skills to the Travmarket Media Network of Podcasts. I need all the social media help I can get, and this gal is one of the BEST!

Nikita’s podcast, The Travel Lab, focuses on uncomplicating the social media challenges the travel agent faces. Her knowledge base, paired with her infectious energy, poises The Travel Lab as the motivational force you need to finally sit down, make a social media plan and be excited about executing it!

Nikita’s backstory is one of not being intimidated by age or experience. When she creatively puts her mind to something, she gets it done spectacularly. In her first episode, “Why I didn’t want to start a podcast,” we all get a little motivation from 19-year-old Nikita. Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone is a beginner at some point. You can do this!

Check out The Travel Lab’s first episode here (and then we recommend selecting “subscribe”):



When Nikita is not recording podcasts, she is keeping things fresh online at The Travel Agent Collective, her social media resource site for travel professionals. Site visitors have the option to join a private Facebook group and/or subscribe to curated content. Want to see why we at Travmarket Media are so pleased to include Nikita in our line up? Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thank you, Nikita, for joining us in this podcasting adventure. We are a stronger team with you, and I look forward to learning from your expertise!


Megan is serving as Podcast Network Producer and Creative Director for the Travmarket Media Podcast Network. She is proud of the content being produced and the variety of podcasts included in the launch. Most importantly she is grateful to the brave podcasters that followed her into this adventure. Megan is also the host of Travel Radio Podcast, a member of the Travmarket Media Network.

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  1. Megan Chapa says:

    BONUS: Here is my interview with Nikita Brown and a little more on her path into the Travel Industry.

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