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The Hay Is in The Barn

It is a sad truth that some (many) people do not believe in paying their dues, doing their homework or paying the price that comes with success. Expecting something for nothing is a fool’s game, but many opt to take part in that game just the same.

This subject came to light when I read an incoming email reminding me that there is plenty of opportunity out there waiting for the prepared person. It was Louis Pasteur who once said, “Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.” The translation of this quote is, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

But what does this have to with hay or barns? Here is where I segue to today’s lesson. It was back in 1968 when I first heard the term, “The hay is in the barn.” Those six words were uttered each Friday afternoon, the day before my UMASS football cronies and myself took the field to showcase our skills against some formidable opponent.

What our coach was telling us was the time for preparation was done. It was time to play some football. And now my friends, it is your turn.

I assume that I am not speaking to a bunch of fingers-crossed, want-to-be slugs. I assume that I am speaking to a bunch of hard working, honest, dues paying, fun, and enthusiastic travel professionals. I am talking to a group of exceptional people.


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It is time to ply your trade. Of course, you will always be receptive to learning and growing as an individual. But you already have all you need to get up, get out, and start helping more people begin to enjoy the beautiful world we all live in.

You have done your homework. You have completed the research. You have fortified your supplier relationships. You have waited your turn. And now, you are ready.

The hay is in the barn. It is time to start playing the game you have come to love.


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  1. I love this phrase!
    Thank you once again, Mike, for the great reminder!

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