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We Are Just Human!

I was reminded this week of a human frailty that I am guessing you and I have in common. At face value, it is not bad although now that I focus on it, it is not very good either.

Let me try to set the stage by asking you a few questions.

  1. Have you ever registered for a webinar and failed to attend?
  2. Have you ever bought or requested a free E-Book or Special Report and never found the time to read it?
  3. Have you ever decided that you were going to contact, call, or reconnect with a person of interest only to allow time to pass without taking any action?

My guess is that you answered “YES” to all three questions. So did I.

I suppose we could spend the next few hours chastising our behavior in unison, but that really wouldn’t do any of us much good. After all, “we are just human.”

But, and I say “BUT” with all due respect, wouldn’t it make more sense if we answered “NO” to all three questions. This brings me to a very important reminder. It involves the word “no.”

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With all the demands placed on your time these days, there is one remedy that is easier said than done. Learning to say “no” to attractive opportunities may be the answer to your problem. Providing positive lip-service to anything or any one and then failing to follow through can potentially smear your reputation.

From today forward, let us commit to only those tasks that we fully intend to complete. If you register for a webinar, show up ready to take notes. If you request an E-book or Report, schedule time to read it. When you want to connect with a friend, prospect, relative or client… connect.
We just may be human, but we all can be better humans by saying what we do and doing what we say.


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