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Today We Wipe the Slate Clean and Begin Again


The year 2020 tested our character, our resilience, our tenacity and, often times, our sense of humor. Yesterday is now in our rearview mirrors and we are tightly focused on what lies ahead.

As many of you know by now, this is the first of 52 weekly kick-offs falling under the newly created column, Mike’s Monday Cup of “Mo-Joe.”

Follow my logic before I leave you with something to think about today.

Sharing time over a cup of coffee (joe) is a civilized and calming way to communicate. The definition of “mojo” is “magical.” The letters “mo” can be short for motivation or momentum. Hence my desire to share a few motivational ideas with you in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to supporting your personal goal-seeking momentum. Confused? Me too. Let’s get down to business.

I can’t think of a better reminder of the importance of starting the year strong than by re-quoting one of my favorites. This one comes from the New York Yankee Manager, Casey Stengel. Read this three times.

“If my pitcher would pitch in the beginning of the game the same way he pitches at the end of the game once he realizes he is losing, he wouldn’t be losing in the first place.”

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We have all fell victim to putting tasks and assignments off until we “feel like” pursuing the inevitable, only to find ourselves fighting an uphill battle with looming deadlines.

As far away as it may seem today, the 2021 tax year will soon be coming to a close. (Yes, we are already four days into the New Year. Where has the time gone?)


To avoid playing catch-up or stressing yourself out needlessly, begin assaulting the New Year today. Fast starts usually (more often than not) culminate in satisfactory finishes.

Let me net this out: Start doing what you know needs doing TODAY. Then allow your momentum to carry you on and through tomorrow, and the next day and so on.

****I have a New Year’s Gift for you. It comes in the shape of a test file and a recording. The program is called ESCAPE THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM. Send me an email and I will send you the password so you can download this program. (This is a time-sensitive offer.)

Next Monday I will be sharing the lessons I learned from watching The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix). If given the opportunity I recommend that you watch this series.


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