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The Rhythm and Sights of Lagos

The port city of Lagos is the second largest city in Africa, as well as the most populated. It can be energetic, delicious, and exciting. A night life full of music and rhythm moves the traveler, while amazing food is available on almost every corner. The coasts offer up exciting activities and remarkable views on the water. Lagos is a good time.


View over the roofs to downtown Lagos, Nigeria.


Three Destinations in One

In mainland Lagos, people go about their daily life in general poverty. They do what they can to get by. But, this does not damper their vitality for life and hard work. All along the sidewalks are Nigerians selling their wares and excellent food, fried and roasted.

Victoria Island is the financial center of Lagos, where condos and luxury homes are found. Upscale restaurants serve up high-end gastronomy, nightlife will kick up the fun, and boutiques for shopping are prevalent.

On Lagos Island, to the north, the traveler will also find the National Museum Lagos, which displays Nigerian cultural artifacts and crafts such as the terracotta human head known as the Jemaa Head (c. 900 to 200 BC).

Local Tastes

One of the first things the traveler will notice about the city of Lagos is the smell of delicious food being cooked along the streets and in small restaurants. The fried bean cake called akara is a prime example of this, a golden brown and protein-rich treat for the traveler on the go. Boli, roasted plantain, is a tasty alternative and often comes with nuts or fish. And, for sweet teeth, dabino will hit the sweet tooth with its mixture of dates and nuts. Whichever you choose, there is no shortage of delectable foods to taste in Lagos.


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Spirited Music

Whether it be day or night, the rhythms of music permeate the culture of Lagos. The most notable sound is afrobeat, a sound that has reached the ears of people in every country. Its sound is one of the modern world meeting what once was (and still is), where West African music styles blend with American jazz—as well as funk and soul. When the traveler hears this amazing music, in bars, clubs, or on the street, it will be near impossible to avoid joining in the fun. Afrobeat has influenced music around the world, often being included in pop hits on international charts. It has changed Nigerian culture in a revolutionary way, with rebellious sounds and lyrics that have lit a fire in the people.



Outside the Bustle

Taking a break from the busy metropolis of Lagos is simple. Just outside the city are activities to entice the traveler to hit the water. Hired boat trips around the lagoon will make a day with some excellent views of the coast, which includes rocky cliffs. Surfing spots, often with surf lessons available, work for the more adventurous traveler. There’s also diving, sailing, and grottos to get out and see Lagos in all of its natural glory.


Lagos is a creative city on the verge of rising up, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is the financial heart of Nigeria and quickly becoming an international financial powerhouse, with its name known around the world. Perseverance is the name of the game in Lagos. Add in music infused with vitality, beaches to laze upon, and outdoor activities just outside the city—and you’ve got a worthwhile destination.


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