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France by Avanti Destinations

France is a country with something to offer at every corner.  In the north is Calais, with its beautiful beaches on the English Channel and, on a clear day, a perfect view of the white cliffs of Dover.  To the west lies the expansive Atlantic, with such wondrous cities as Bordeaux, one of the world’s most major wine industry capitals; to the east is Switzerland, the Alps providing a natural border, and finally, to the south lie the Pyrenees Mountains, one of the most critical pieces of land in European history.

With so much to explore, it is no surprise that visitors find themselves overwhelmed and wanting to stay a lot longer than planned in the country of romance.  History, culture, cuisine, art – you name it, France has it.  Spring is in the air, and with that said, the French are welcoming those who seek relaxation, luxury, and an overall appreciation of life and everything it has to offer.

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France is sophistication and wine and villas and Riviera and the arts and fashion, literature and culture. France was one of the first countries to have a national tourism office, and the nation knows something about holiday with one of the highest number of paid vacation days of any country, giving tangible reality to the phrase joie de vivre.

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