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Poland Opens to US Tourism

Here we are, a world opening back up after a global pandemic that has ground travel to a halt for more than a year. Travelers, advisors, suppliers, economies… all have been hampered by precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The countries within the European Union were no exception. But, as good news surfaces from around the world, many countries are opening their borders once again. The Republic of Poland, a popular member of the EU, and a land of diverse terrain and historic sites, is now accepting US citizens.

Even during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, Poland was preparing for the return of tourism. Its #CityWillWait campaign highlighted the cities around the country, and that they will await the traveler. From the capital of Warsaw to the old town of Gdansk, the wait has been worth it.


Night panorama of Old Town in Warsaw, Poland


Declaring the good news, Poland.travel states, “The United States and Canadian nationals and legal residents who are fully vaccinated are permitted to lawfully enter Poland without quarantine.” This is great news, as no one wants to wait out a week or two to start enjoying the pleasurable sites and experiences with the Republic of Poland.

One of these is Poznań, one of the country’s oldest cities. A city merging into a grand example of old and new. The town square of Poznań hearkens back to when this was the most important area in a village or city. With a town hall built in the early 14th century, where two iron billy goats butt heads and ring a bell since 1551, and the more recent Museum of Musical Instruments that contains items form the life of the great composer Frederic Chopin… Poznań is waiting.


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Another draw to Poland is the stress-relieving spas around the country. The healing powers of these waters have been touted with helping medical ailments as well. Naleczow, Polanica-Zdroj, and Szczawnica—all magical cities in their own right—have natural spas that cater to different needs. Naleczow has offered a spa resort since the 18th century, specializing in cardiovascular conditions and patients recovering from a previous heart attack. Polanica-Zdroj, also operating since the 18th century, even has modern medical facilities as the spa to help in the treatment of cardiac, gastric and locomotive diseases. These spas have waited.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel has grown. An illumination of daylight has shone on the hopes of travelers, and they are more than ready to get out and experience life. With Poland opening its borders to US travelers, new possibilities of exploring the treasures of Poland. Now that this wholly visible, the cities of Poland have waited long enough.


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