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Wine and Culture in the Pécs Region

The fifth largest city in Hungary sits at the slope of the Mecsek Mountains. A city settled before the spread of the Roman empire, its cultural history runs almost 2000 years. Though, the city is not alone in this distinguished position. The region around it, spanning 240 sq mi, is appropriately named the Pécs Region. Here, the traveler will find what Hungary is known for and more.


Beautiful aerial view of Church in Pecs


The city of Pécs is at the center of this aptly named region. Pécs is an ancient melting pot of cultures that has kept up with the times. In the central part of the city are historic views at almost every corner. Cobblestone streets run all through this area, adding to the beauty that meanders through the city. Dóm tér, also known as Cathedral Square, is one of the largest squares in Hungary. On the square sits Votive Church of Szeged, a cathedral with large spires that rise above the main part in the middle. In the spires that rise above the square, travelers can climb up to get a majestic view of the city. And, as a city that has existed since before the Roman Empire, arts are an essential part of Pécs culture. Káptalan utca, the “street of museums” as it is called, in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter will capture the travelers imagination with street sculptures, 15 heritage buildings, and an exhibition of a 700 piece classic ceramic collection.


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In the previous articles I’ve done on Hungary, there have been many mentions of wine. Which makes sense, since the country has a multitude of wine regions. But, the Villány-Siklós wine route takes the crown as the sunniest and mildly temperate region. Consisting of almost 5200 acres of land, the amount of dedication to wine covers nearly the entire region. Both Villány and Siklós are located just southeast of Pécs. Villány holds the honor of the most famous red wine region in Hungary. These include French varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot—though, white wines are not in short supply. The prize-winning cellars of Villány are a must for the traveler.


Wine cellars in Villanykovesd, Hungary


Siklós, on the other hand, is known for its white wines. One of these is a Olaszrizling, a dry white wine that resembles Riesling in name only. Before the traveler leaves the town of Siklós, a trip to the Castle of Siklós which dates back to the 13th century is in order. This route is a delight for the wine lover, and sure to make an excellent short trip from Pécs.

With natural spas in Harkány and Pécs that will rejuvenate the traveler, the Pécs Region of Hungary is full of sights and tastes of the old world. Wine, culture, spas, nature… all are available with WOW Hungary, this region is among many destinations that will show travelers the enchanting experiences that make up the allure of Hungary.


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