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Make People Glad They Know You

In order for people to feel glad they know you, you must appear to be interested in them, their lives, their stories, their experiences, and their opinions. As you leave the safe confines of your familiar environment, you are going to meet hundreds of people in the months ahead.

Not every one of these new acquaintances will become a client. You would not want this to be the case. You do need to know, however, that when you meet people for the first time, only three things can result from this introduction.

1. They can feel better having met you. (positive)

2. They can feel worse having met you. (negative)

3. Meeting you elicits no emotion whatsoever. (neutral)

That’s it. Those are the only three things that can happen when you meet someone for the first time. Go ahead—try to refute this one. (Let me save you some time. You can’t.)

The truth is that nobody thinks like this. Most people robotically go through introductory motions, stick out their hand, recite their name, and move on with life. But not you. Not now. You will have a strategy that will lead to future success more often than not.

This strategy involves doing, saying, standing, and posturing yourself in a way that will result in people feeling better having met you. This will not come by accident or by any degree of luck. Your new and refreshing introduction will come by design as a result of practice.

First, you are going to stand tall and exercise the muscles which will result in an eye-catching posture. If you are 6′ stand six feet. If you are 5’3″… stand five-three. Posture speaks volumes about self-confidence. Use what you have. People will notice.

Next, you are going to extend your hand to a stranger and offer your name first, while looking them in the eye. You will concentrate on hearing how they pronounce their name—and you will remember it. (This alone will make you a very special person.) It is often effective to insert their name in your very next sentence. “Jim, it’s nice meeting you.” “Is that Gene with a ‘G’?” If by chance, you did not hear their name clearly, it is a sign of interest if you ask them to repeat it.

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Now comes the good part. Get them talking about themselves while you listen intently and look for ways to toss (sincere) interest-laden fuel on the fire. This is easily accomplished by asking questions. Refrain from talking about yourself and never interrupt them or finish their sentence for them. The result: You will have just met another person who is glad that they had the good fortune to meet you.

Chalk another one up for the good guys.

NOTE: If this sounds in any way, shape, or form like manipulation or an insincere attempt at self-gratification, you have misread this message. Being and showing interest in others is the key to establishing sound, working relationships. If you can internalize this single message, you will have a more meaningful network (second-to-none) in very short order.

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