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How are Toasters and Travel Related?

Remember back in the good old days when banks and savings and loan companies gave away a free toaster for a minimum deposit? Then, if you added a bit more to your deposit, you became the proud owner of a free bakeware set too! I furnished my first apartment kitchen this way!

All the bank had to do to acquire a new customer was give away a freebie: a $20 toaster. Pretty easy.

Fast forward to the age of social marketing, and savvy travel marketers are providing freebies as a way to acquire new prospective clients. I’m not talking about toasters, nor free travel; I’m talking about a lead magnet that’s so valuable people will provide their contact information.

The result of gathering contact information from as many people as possible is that you’ll have a way to grow your email list, target your social ads more effectively, and potentially book tours for these people.

Lead Magnet Content

Years ago, marketers could offer a newsletter or option to win a prize. That’s sooooo 2000’s. Here in 2021, consumers need a better carrot. Let’s explore (see below) some lead magnets that are attracting consumers now.


Content Ideas by Catherine Heeg


Coming up with your own unique twist for a lead magnet topic may take some brainstorming with staff and even top clients. Here’s a quick guide to get the creative juices flowing.

Secret: If you want some quick ideas to jump-start your brainstorming for a lead magnet topic, check out Pinterest! You’ll find a plethora of infographics, e-books, guides, and checklists.

Struggling to find the content to put into your lead magnet? Here’s how to make it really simple: repurpose!

Repurpose, recycle, or upcycle content from:

  • Past blog posts
  • Consumer events
  • PowerPoints
  • Destination guides
  • Pre-trip planning checklists

Pro Tip: A quick way to road-test your lead magnet ideas is to send a survey to your clients asking which of 3 ideas they’d be more interested in receiving.

One of the most challenging parts of creating a lead magnet is figuring out what’s so irresistible that even the most wary consumer will happily give out their contact info in order to get what you’re offering.

Lead Magnet Formats

Lead magnets come in many forms these days, but the common denominator is that they are easy to download, bit-sized chunks of valuable information. A lead magnet can take shape as a:

  • Video
  • Online Quiz
  • Report or e-book
  • Guide or Checklist
  • PDF White paper

Lead Magnet Creation

Once you have your basic idea, content and format, the fun starts! Get creative in your design by checking out tools like Canva, or connect with your favorite graphic designer.

Pro tip: When creating your lead magnet, don’t miss these key elements:

  1. Incorporate your brand colors
  2. Ensure your contact information is clear
  3. A Call to Action is essential to drive business
  4. Make sure it’s easy to digest and graphic in nature
  5. Test how it looks on mobile, desktop and print
  6. Grab your guide to learn about some mistakes to avoid.

Since we don’t want to be shipping toasters to prospective new clients, lead magnets are the perfect solution to growing our client base with people who are keen to travel.


Catherine Heeg, International speaker & trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Connect with her at and socially.

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